Undergraduates Join the Team!

While active source work continues offshore aboard the Langseth, seven top undergraduate students selected from across the US are onshore, working hard to learn all about the AACSE through a short course based in Kodiak, AK. For two days, these up-and-coming researchers were immersed in a brief but intensive introduction to seismology, seismic data, instrumentation, GPS, and Alaskan tectonics. Today, they ventured into the field to explore Alaskan geology first-hand.  Peter Haeussler (USGS) and Gary Carver (Humbolt State University, Emeritus) led the group through the geology of the accretionary prism in notheastern Kodiak.

Here students learned about turbidite deposits formed by repeated subsea landslides.


Further down the road, we had our first sighting of the Katmai Ash, a reminder of the 1912 eruption and collapse of Mt. Katmai.  This layer served as an important marker throughout the trip.
Students get up close and personal with a melange.
Near Fossil Beach, the group hiked to excellent exposures and were treated to a spectacular showing of whales near shore.
Gary Carver and Peter Haeussler discuss outcrops as students and UNM postdoc, Jenny Nakai, hunt for fossils at Fossil Beach.

Starting tomorrow, these intrepid undergrads will apply their new knowledge by assisting with recovery of the AACSE nodal deployment.

-Aubreya Adams, Colgate University


1 thought on “Undergraduates Join the Team!

  1. Barbara and Steve Devin June 19, 2019 — 10:32 am

    These are lucky and deserving students! Obviously, this is a complicated and important study.


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