Nearing Completion

Yesterday I started my long trip home. The Sand Point to Anchorage flight came early in the morning (it is often different every day, but this one must have left Anchorage at 7am), so I flew out and spent the afternoon getting caught up with internet-enabled things in the Anchorage airport, then flew on overnight to home. So I am relaying an update from the crew in the field, who are still busy at work for another day or two.

Sam Beane from UNAVCO works on the final stages of setting up the Kupreanof Peninsula GPS site, while our pilot Jeff Linscott watches. This was the last continuous GPS site to be installed for the earthquake response.

In the field, Jim Normandeau and Sam Beane of UNAVCO installed the two remaining continuous GPS sites, one on Little Koniuji Island in the Outer Shumagins, and one on the Kupreanof Peninsula on the mainland between Sand Point and Perryville. With those successful installs, most of the earthquake response work is done. The crew still needs to install the last seismometer, which will go at the NOTA/PBO site in Perryville (on the Alaska Peninsula) and do some maintenance on the Perryville site AC21. Then they will pick up two campaign sites that we set up back from Chignik, return to Sand Point, and do one more flight out to the Outer Shumagins to retrieve the remaining three campaign sites.

We will have the data from all the campaign sites, of course, but as with the seismometer installations on Kodiak, a lot of the data will record on site until next summer when we go back to pick up the instruments. There will be a real trove of seismic and geodetic data at that ti


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