Weather or Not? Not

August 21, Sand Point. Bad weather finally did catch up to us. Although the weather forecast was improved a bit relative to expectations, the best the weather offered us was a marginal attempt to fly in the morning. In Sand Point, it was calm with clouds at a few hundred feet elevation, so we tried to head out to Andronica Island to install one of the continuous sites. We got to the island, but could not get close to the site, which was located up on the top. Winds were pretty fierce out in the other islands, even just a few miles away. So we dropped off the receiver enclosure and the mast, which would then allow us to combine the site installation with something else on the same trip (like the seismometer installation on Nagai, or a second continuous site).

That was it for the day. We did make use of the time on the ground to set up on a tidal benchmark in the harbor, and to do some work at the NOTA/PBO site in Sand Point. We also re-organized and prepared the new equipment sent in the cargo shipment. Our Internet access stopped working early afternoon, as well. I got occasional bits of data on my cell phone, but could never tether it, and the town wifi resulted in nothing. So this post and the previous one were delayed until this morning.

None of the passenger or cargo flights made it in to Sand Point today because of the weather, so that meant Keith’s efforts to get our cargo out to us on Friday (see previous post) were even more important.

It looks like the rain will stop for Sunday, but will there be flying weather or just low clouds and fog. Stay tuned tonight or tomorrow.

Jeff Freymueller, Michigan State University 


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