Seismic Deployment Day 1

Seismometer Deployment, Kodiak Island and Alaska Peninsula August 9-15, 2021

Goeff Abers (Cornell) and myself (Enrique Chon, CU Boulder) both arrived Monday in Kodiak, AK. Unfortunately, the third member of our field team, Dan Sampson (UC Santa Cruz), was delayed in Anchorage overnight because of inclement weather and visibility issues approaching the runway. Monday night Geoff and I met up with Ken Austin and Sarah Doelger from UNAVCO. They informed us that a daily delivery plane is available for hire to deliver supplies to Akhiok, a town at the southwestern end of Kodiak Island. This will be one of several reoccupied site locations originally visited during the AACSE land deployment. In the morning, Geoff and I drove to the airfield to deliver three boxes of batteries and the metal box that will house the data recorder and power supply at Akhiok. We picked up Dan during the same trip, and we also saw Ken and Sarah off to Akhiok, where they are repairing a telemetry relay station for two GPS monuments that were down at the time of the M 8.2 mainshock.

By the end of this week, our team hopes to install four stations on Kodiak Island and one on the Alaska peninsula. The goal is to reoccupy four of the AACSE Kodiak sites (KS13, KD12, KT07, KD00), and the EP23 site on the Alaska peninsula. A map with this week’s planned station locations can be found here. Separately Jeff Freymueller will put seismometers at 2-3 sites that he will be visiting for GPS purposes (Nagai, Semidi, Perryville).

Here are a few highlights from our first full day (Monday, Aug. 10, 2021):

The weather was perfect in Kodiak, encouraging us to prioritize a trip to the field in the late afternoon, once the batteries arrived from FedEx. Left to right in bottom photo: Dan, Geoff, Enrique
Geoff, Dan and I did not expect to visit any field sites today, however a shipment of batteries came through in time for us to visit one station by car. A cat from the nearby school grounds ended up joining for the majority of the deployment. Our new friend quickly grew from skeptical to appreciative of our presence there.
Beyond logistical considerations and site permitting, perhaps the most critical prep task is to test all equipment prior to installing each seismic station in the field. Here Geoff and Dan are taking inventory of the equipment shipped by the Passcal instrument center, ensuring that all of the necessary hardware components were shipped without damage, and setting up the sensors to run in our laboratory setting. In this case, the lab consists of a space we’ve cleared on the living room floor of our cabin here in Kodiak.
The shipping warehouse where we delivered batteries and the power box for our Akhiok deployment.


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