Food at Sea

As a person who has a sensitive stomach, I lowered my expectations about food on the ship. I packed a lot of snacks and comfort food as backup options. However, when we arrived on the R/V Langseth, one of the things that surprised me was the variety of food options for the crew. They provide 3 freshly cooked meals per day and ensure a combination of protein (at least two different types), carbs and greens for every meal. Furthermore, there is a salad bar and a constant supply of self-serve snacks, beverages and hot drinks available at all times in the day.

Cook Ricky Rios preparing grilled Mahi-mahi for the crew onboard 
the R/V Langseth. (Photo: Anne Sheehan)

Moreover, the chefs are very kind and aware of your dietary restrictions, ensuring that there is something on the menu that you can eat without worry. For instance; knowing my restriction on the consumption of pork, they alert me to any meal containing pork and recommend safe alternatives. They even cooked my chicken without garlic and onion when I mentioned my sensitivity to those spices. The food and the staff have been a highlight of my trip. They make it a priority that everybody has something to eat and that they leave the galley full & happy.

Beverages and yogurt in the fridge (ice cream freezer
to the left) (Photo: Gokce Astekin)

Salad bar (Photo: Gokce Astekin)


Gokce Astekin

Oklahoma State University


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