Working the “Bugs” Out While Servicing AACSE Stations

Service Team #2 arrived Sand Point on Monday at 4:55 PM and left for the first station at 6:00 PM that same day! The weather was good so we decided not to waste even a minute. We hopped on a Piper Navajo and flew to Perryville (WS 26) where the station is located on the school grounds (1 school for all grades).IMG_7383

The station was running like a well-tuned Corvette and the data looked fabulous! Running a seismic network in Alaska is different from any other I have been involved in, so many beautiful earthquakes everyday!  On Tuesday the weather was still great with high winds and rain expected Tuesday evening, so we serviced all 3 remaining stations that day. In the morning we visited Wildman Lodge (WP25) and on the way flew over a walrus hang-out.


This station is located next to the lodge’s “meat locker”, maybe not the best choice given that this is bear country. Here, Dan worked out the bugs and we once again recorded great data.


Next station was Nelson Lagoon (WP30) where we spotted a Brown Bear while eating our lunch and waiting for the pilot in the open plane.  Dan estimated we had about 20 seconds to figure out how to pull up the stairs and close the plane door before the the bear could reach us at a full run. He was confident we could do it, but fortunately the bear wandered off in another direction.


The flight from Nelson Lagoon to our last station at King Cove (WS28) was the most beautiful scenery of the day. We flew by Pavlof Volcano and several breathtaking inlets and coves. Just as we finished up with this station the skies darkened and we hurried back to the plane for our flight back to Sand Point.


Susan Schwartz, UC Santa Cruz


5 thoughts on “Working the “Bugs” Out While Servicing AACSE Stations

  1. That’s a great writeup. Nice little adventure. I had no idea my friend Susan was the author until I got to the bottom. Writing proposals, reports and papers keeps those skills up!


    1. Thanks Glenn, the adventure continues so more coming as soon as I have time (hopefully tomorrow)


  2. Excellent. Thanks for sharing. We love the post. Cheers. Dave.


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