Seasickness Ahoy…

I expected to get sea sick on this trip. I planned ahead, got medicine to combat it, and mentally prepared myself to be sick for a day or two. But I was not prepared… not even a little bit.

The first day out was amazing. I felt a little off, but I just chocked that up to excitement of being on my first research cruise. Days 2 and 3 were a nightmare. We hit some rougher seas and it was all over for me. All of the newbies on the ship were sharing Dramamine, patches, ginger candy/gum/ale/everything, and just trying to survive.

There was a lot of sleeping for the sick, with no energy for much else. I, being one of the really sick ones, am super thankful for all the support from the science team and the crew of the Sikuliaq. Everyone has been helpful and encouraging while the sick ones walk around like dehydrated zombies, only appearing for saltines and water before we crawled back to our rooms. Next time you’re heading out on the Sikuliaq, ask me where the best and worst places to vomit are.

Today has been a much calmer day at sea. I have been able to keep breakfast and lunch in the appropriate location…my tummy. My hope is that if seas do get rougher in the next day or two that I will have acclimated enough that it will not be a repeat of the last 2 days.

That said, this trip is still worth it. I am super excited and thankful to be here. I can’t wait to take the information that I learn and create amazing lessons for my high school students back in Anchorage, Alaska.

Shannon Hendricks

ASD Science Teacher



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