Off to King Salmon!

Our last station in Sand Point was located in King Cove, on some property owned by our fantastic boat captain Boomer. Both Boomer and his daughter Mariah stuck around to help us install the station. Mariah and Patrick got along great, exchanging (terrible) jokes while we worked. It rained just about the whole time we were out there, and there was a lot more mud and rocks to dig through than our previous stations. But overall the installation went off without a hitch, and we were able to fly back to base with our pilot Theo in time for dinner. 

Clouds spill across the mountaintops as we fly northeast to King Salmon.  The line of mountains creates a rain shadow. (photo by Aubreya Adams)

After that we had a few days of cleanup before flying away from Sand Point for the final time, heading to our new base of operations, King Salmon. We arrived in King Salmon on Friday, and have been hard at work since, testing the equipment and ensuring everything arrived safely. So far so good, and tomorrow we fly out to Egegik and Shoemaker Lodge to install the first stations from King Salmon. Wish us luck!

Jordan Tockstein, Colgate University

King Salmon Ground, a shipping company, gave us space to test our equipment for phase two.  We enjoyed their sign – and enjoyed playing with their dogs! (photo by Aubreya Adams)

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