Arrival in Sand Point

Team 2 has landed in Alaska! We arrived in the town of Sand Point on Monday, and have been busy gathering supplies and checking equipment these past two days. Sand Point is on a small island, and getting our equipment on site was a logistical challenge.  Everything arrived safely, though and the equipment for our station is working. We are all ready to set sail tomorrow on the Aleut Mistress to build our first two stations!


Gray skies and gray water over Sand Point Harbor

Yesterday was beautiful; mostly sunny and not a drop of rain. Most of the people we talked to said that that was a lucky break, and we should get ready for some rain. Sure enough it rained most of today.  We’ll be heading out to Nagai Island tomorrow and setting up two stations, so here’s hoping for good weather. After the two tomorrow we have five more stations to install from Sand Point. Once those are done we head up to King Salmon, where we’ll have our new home base and set up ten more stations. Overall the Sand Point Team is off to a great start!

Jordan Tockstein, Colgate University


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