Day 4: First OBS deployment!

IMG_20180509_131735TRMS instrument being deployed using the winch and A-frame. The TRMS needs to be lowered to the ocean floor due the the shield.

Today we deployed our first OBS instrument. The first OBS is a shallow-water Trawl-Resistant Mounted Seismometer (TRMS), which protects and shields the seismometer from ships trawling in the area. All of the OBS are instrumented with a seismometer, batteries to last >15 months, transponders to communicate with the ship and burn the wire to release the seismometer when it’s time for recovery, data logger, temperature sensors, and other equipment necessary to collect these data.  The shell for the TRMS weighs ~1,300 lbs, and once everything is inside, the whole instrument weighs ~1,800 lbs. The deployment was successful!

IMG_7141 low resOBS engineers preparing the TRMS. A seismometer, long-lasting batteries, a transponder, temperature gauges, and many other components are mounted within the shell.

After deploying the TRMS, we had to transit to a cove to hide from foul weather. We sailed to a cove within Larsen Bay, then assembled some more TRMS. This involved removing the doors and installing brackets to hold equipment, attaching hoods to the pop-up TRMS, checking the transponders to make sure they are properly communicating with the ship, and attaching the transponders. We’ll stay in the cove and work for a couple hours, then leave once the storm has passed.

IMG_3884_lowresHassan (outside) and David (inside) installing the hood on the pop-up TRMS.

2 thoughts on “Day 4: First OBS deployment!

  1. Great to see! The land team will be installing equipment in Larsen Bay within the next two weeks!


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