Loading up and getting ready

Our second full day on the ship was fully involved with instruments with the crane, organizing them on deck, and setting them up for use. The crane was used to bring two instruments onboard at a time and the science party helped move them into secure places for sailing.


The R/V Sikuliaq’s large crane lifting two instruments from the dock to the deck



All of the seismometers lined up and secured to the deck


Another crucial operation today was preparing many of the returning buoy ropes in release canisters. Several hardworking science team members coiled up to 300 meters of high strength rope into multiple metal canisters.



Holly coiling rope and filling a canister


Kelly had to give the ropes a little force to fully squeeze it into the canister

We are all getting ready to depart tomorrow morning bright and early and enjoying our last day on land for a while!



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